Pebble Watches

We have 10 white first generation Pebbles, and 1 Pebble Time to experiment with the colour screen and additional features.

At present, we’ll be using the standard ‘notifications’ app on the watches, in combination with the accompanying smart phone notification functions to execute the ‘pulse’.

Key to development here will be the ability to respond to notifications, a feature that is currently possible, but may need a bespoke Pebble application.

Of central importance to the Pebble watch, currently, is the ability to vibrate (with a number of options for the characteristics of this), thus signalling to the wearer that something is taking place. The screen provides additional information about the specific data feed if the user chooses to look at it. Vibration is our current example of ‘sensing’ data: a movement that conveys the signal to the body, and its capacity to ‘sense’, not the content of the feed, but its presence.